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Forenklede posttjenester med smarte løsninger

Post- og pakketjenester er en av Coors tjenester der vi har utviklet nye, smarte løsninger. Tjenesten inkluderer ofte administrasjon, styring og distribusjon av inngående og utgående post, pakker og frakt.

Våre post- og pakketjenester inkluderer vanligvis følgende:

  • Mottak, samle inn, sortere, videresende og distribuere ekstern og intern post
  • Registrere, åpne og datostemple inngående post
  • Skaffe fullmakt fra mottaker av verdipost
  • Registrering av inngående og utgående verdipost/pakker med komplett sporing fra sending til mottak
  • Sjekke pakker og gods før utlevering
  • Frankere utgående post
  • Massedistribusjon av post
  • Administrering av interne posthyller, samt oppdatering av navn


For å effektivisere posttjenester og for å møte endrede kontorarbeidsplasser har Coor utviklet en ny, fremtidsrettet løsning. Les mer om Coor SmartFlow.

Kontakt salgsavdelingen vår!

Coor Privacy policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy to help you understand what information we process and why we process it. We have made these updates as new data protection regulations (GDPR) entered into force on 25 May in the European Union / EEA.

Consent to the processing of personal data

The personal data we process is data provided by you when you fill in a contact form or subscription form on Coor's websites. It is your full name, e-mail address and your phone number or postal address (if and when applicable).

What is the purpose of processing your personal data?

Your personal data is required in order for us to send out the material you expressed an interest in such as press releases, news, and/or newsletters. We also use personal information to contact you personally if you filled in a contact form.

What is the legal basis for processing your personal information?

Our processing of your personal data is based on your consent to the processing. You can revoke your consent at any time by emailing us at

Information about processing your personal data

We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss or unlawful access. The number of persons with access to your personal data is limited. Only persons managing the Coor website you visited and/or who need to process your personal data in accordance with the above purposes will have access to your personal data.

We may also share your personal data with other Coor Group companies and suppliers and business partners who perform services or development on our behalf.

Your personal data may be transferred to a third country, that is, a non-EU / EEA country, in conjunction with Coor's use of the cloud-based services Office 365 provided by Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited ("Microsoft").

When Microsoft provides Office 365 services, Microsoft manages customer data (such as email, files) in data centers in the EU (currently: Dublin (Ireland) and Amsterdam (Netherlands)). However, as an integral part of the Office 365 services, some limited personal information (such as e-mail address) may also be processed in the United States).

In order to comply with applicable data protection requirements, Coor has entered into a data processing agreement with Microsoft and has also entered into standard contractual clauses ("EU Model Clauses") with Microsoft. All Microsoft subcontractors handling personal data in connection with the Office 365 services are committed by Microsoft in accordance with Article 11 of EU Model Clauses.